Shadow + Light Online Workshop

Practicing the Art of Radical Self Acceptance

Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook and come across a “perfect” picture from someone else’s life? 

And your stomach clenches as you fall face first into the compare and despair rabbit hole?

You start telling yourself that you are way too fat, your house is definitely not clean enough, and your life is pretty much a disaster compared to hers?

It’s a toxic cocktail of too much and not enough that can keep you spinning for hours. (days? weeks? months? years? and, oh dear God, decades?)

Too sensitive. Not smart enough. Too sassy. Not thin enough. Too needy. Not doing enough. Too spirited. Not rich enough.

Too much and not enough. All at the same time.

It’s crazy making. You might even catch yourself googling how to get a lobotomy in the middle of the night.

OK, maybe it isn’t quite that bad.

But, it most certainly sucks.

And, well, I have some good news and some bad news about that.

Let’s start with the bad news.

The bad news is that I can’t promise to make all that go away forever.

Because, uh, you are human and you have a brain that is conditioned to find fault (aka the threat) in pretty much everything. And we live in a culture that is constantly telling us how wrong and bad and not good enough and not skinny enough and not blah blah blah.

The good news is that you don't have to be effected by all that. 

You get to choose how you see yourself. 

You can let go of the shame and the guilt. 

You can express your whole self in the world.

You can experience radical self acceptance.

And because of that self acceptance, you will experience:

  • more self confidence and courage
  • relief from anxiety and self doubt (no more sleepless nights ruminating on what you “should have” said or done)
  • healthier, more vulnerable, and intimate relationships
  • more energy to be creative and focus on what really matters to you
  • stop negative habits and break old unhealthy patterns

If all that sounds like your jam, you’re going to love my online workshop, Shadow + Light.

" Not only do I now feel it’s ok to be me, I feel it’s awesome to be me! Seriously this work is amazing and Christie is amazing." ~ Sue C.

Shadow + Light is an online workshop for women who are ready to accept themselves as they are, not as an act of complacency, but as a devotion to the life they most want to live.

On the surface, it’s about discovering tools for accepting  yourself and exploring what that looks like in your day-to-day life.

But really, it’s about shining a light into the shadows of your heart and mind so that you can clearly see, and therefore reclaim, the parts of you that you’ve been conditioned to believe aren’t good enough or that are lost altogether.

It’s about experiencing yourself as Whole and complete, no matter what your external circumstances are.

In this online workshop, you will have the opportunity to:

  • choose how you see yourself
  • let go of the shame and guilt that holds you back in life
  • express your real self in the world

It is my intention that this workshop will provide you with a framework that you can come back to – time and time again – as you integrate all of Who You Truly Are into your life. It will provide a container of discovery that will take you deeper and deeper into your understanding of yourself, both as a spiritual being and as a human being.

I created this workshop for women who are:

  • over trying to “fix” themselves and want to be OK with Who They Truly Are
  • willing to go deep and be uncomfortable. This workshop is not for the faint of heart.
  • ready to embrace the messy and cyclical nature of growth.

By practicing the tools I’ll be sharing with you, you will come to understand and appreciate aspects of yourself that you never thought you could.

And best of all, you’ll have the experience of feeling seen, heard, and unconditionally loved from YOU.

Grab your journal, put some “me time” on your calendar, and start your self acceptance practice.

"I felt stuck and hopeless in this pattern of low self esteem and self-hatred. I am now shifting this pattern of low self-esteem and self-hatred. I actually genuinely like and love myself. My inner voice has changed from one of being mean to myself to a voice of being kind, loving, and understanding." ~ Daniela F.

What's included?

8 Multimedia
23 Texts
7 PDFs
2 Audios
8.0 hrs

Have Questions? Awesome. I’ve got answers.

When is the workshop?

Shadow + Light is an online workshop with immediate access from the moment you register; there are no live dates or calls. You can begin whenever you are ready. 

What if I have questions during the workshop?

At the end of each module, you will be invited to share your insights and ask questions. I am happy to answer questions to help clarify the content or questions that are general in nature. However, this workshop does not include coaching or energy healing, which means that questions that are personal in nature and require a bit of coaching will require the purchase of a coaching package.

Isn’t accepting myself the same thing as giving up on myself?

This is probably THE biggest fear people have about self-acceptance. Especially those of us who LOVE personal development. And the short answer to that question is no.
The long answer is that giving up on yourself and accepting yourself are actually direct opposites.

At least the way I think about it.

For me, self-acceptance is about making peace with the present moment by looking at it with from a non-dualistic state of consciousness.  In less woo-woo terms, that means to look without a judgmental black/white, right/wrong, good/bad lens. And then, from this neutral place, discerning your options and then, consciously and with intention, deciding how you will move forward.

I’ve mentioned this before but one of our universal needs is growth. We are wired for it. The difference is that when you grow from a place of love and self-acceptance, you will actually be able to set and work towards goals that will actually satisfy you instead of leaving you feeling like everything you do still isn’t good enough.

I don’t know what my shadow is and it kind of sounds scary. What is my shadow?

Have you ever had a bunch of clutter in your house that you didn’t have the energy to deal with? Or maybe it was something you owned and didn’t want anyone else in your house to know that you had it? So you take that thing and shove it in the back of a closet or in the attic? And if it is there long enough, you kind of forget about it? And if you do that with enough stuff, it starts to take over?

Well, we do the same things with our personality traits, needs, and desires, when we have deemed them unacceptable by others. For example, let’s say that as a kid, you were constantly told that you were too sensitive, that you were a cry baby, or that big girls don’t cry. Your Ego, which ONLY cares about whether or not you are ALIVE and doesn’t care about whether or not you are thriving – kicks in and tells you that if you are going to get love from your parents (or whoever told you those things) that you better stop crying so much. So you do whatever it takes to “stop being so sensitive.” You start to build an armor around yourself by “being strong” or whatever.

Your sensitive nature becomes a part of your shadow and, eventually, starts to manifest itself in unhealthy ways like abusing food, alcohol, or drugs.

This is just an example but it happens with all sorts of things. Like I mentioned in my last email, it even happens with our “good” qualities.

Shadow work is when, with intention, compassion, and awareness, we illuminate those shadow aspects and reintegrate them into our lives. The result of that is being able to experience yourself as whole, instead of as broken, or not good enough in some way.

How much time will the workshop take?

You will gain access to the entire course as soon as you register. If you were to do the whole workshop at one time, it will probably take about six hours. However, I recommend that you divide it up and do one step per day, which will take about 15 minutes each.

Do I need to be tech savvy?

No, the course is hosted on a very simple and easy to navigate website with clear instructions.

What if I don’t like it? Do you offer refunds?

I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt (see what I did there?), that if you complete the exercises in this course, you will experience a deep shift in how you view yourself. That’s why I am offering you a 100% refund within 7 days of your purchase. Just send me a copy of your completed worksheets and I send you a full refund within 72 hours.

What if I have questions not answered here?

If you have questions about whether or not this course is a good next step for you, email me at

"I must say that Christie is truly gifted in helping me get to a better place ( that “acceptance place” we all want to be in)." ~ Frannie K.

Christie Inge
Christie Inge
Life Coach + Master Energy Healer

Meet Your Guide

I’m Christie Inge – a writer, coach, and master energy healer – and I help women overcome the bad habits and unhealthy patterns that sabotage their efforts in deliberately creating more of what they want in their lives.

So, if you are tenacious in spirit but feel like you keep bumping into the same old “stuff” when you try to improve your life, you are definitely in the right place. 

I will guide you through the process of healing whatever is in the way of you living a life that is in integrity with who you truly.